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Your guide to Jämtland Härjedalen


Our best tips on how to experience Jämtland Härjedalen!

Gems in Jämtland Härjedalen

Hike the Jämtland Triangle in wide, unspoiled mountain nature with raindeers and other wild animals close by or climb a mountain peak at Helags.
Defy your own limits and try downhill biking in Lofsdalen, cross country on soft single tracks or road cycling on smooth concrete.
Discover alpine skiing in Åre, try nordic skiing between waffle huts in Vemdalen or cross country skiing in the marvelous tracks in Funäsfjällen.
Summer, winter, autumn or spring – go fishing for grayling, char or trout in exceptional fishing waters as Gimån or Rörströmsälven.
Visit big events like the world cup in biathlon and alpine skiing or enjoy culture and music at Storsjöyran.
Revel in locally produced food based on the very best produce from mountains, forests and lakes. Jämtland Härjedalen is a paradise for food lovers!

 Things to do


Winter events

Winter events
Along with winter comes a multitude of new playgrounds for activities. Challenge yourself in cross county skiing, revel in local delicacies during Åre Gastronomy Week, visit the Sami festival Lopme Naesti or take part in Åre Winter Pride.

The cooking competition "Årets Fjällkock"

The cooking competition
Do you love cooking a good meal made of local produce from Jämtland Härjedalen? Take on the challenge of presenting a dish made inspired by the forest and mountains at the competition Årets Fjällkock during Åre Gastronomy Week in February!

How to kick-start the cross country ski season

How to kick-start the cross country ski season
It's clear that snow and winter is coming. Although the cross county skis are probably already taken out of storage, your body might not feel fully fit to tackle the upcoming ski season after a summer full of other activities.