På fjäll, i skog och i kulturbygd


There are hiking trails all over Jämtland Härjedalen and many alternatives for those who wish to explore the fells and forests on foot. Find the places where the orchids are the most abundant, the waterfalls flow the most and the views are simply stunning. Hike or run on or along bogs covered in flowers or up on peaks with the bare alpine environment where the snow hardly melts despite the arrival of summer. Take a walk along the rivers and lakes or just spend some time quiet in a serene valley.

Hiking with backpack

Hardly anything beats the feeling of the freedom you experience when you make your own tracks in the mountains. When you find your way with compass and map, carrying your tent and food and are independent of finding accommodation for the night. The vast landscapes seem endless and the chances of finding your own special places are unlimited. Storulvån, Vålådalen, Ljungdalen and Anjan are good starting points whether you opt to follow the extensive trail systems in Jämtland Härjedalen or prefer to make your own tracks.

Hiking de luxe

If you prefer to swap the freeze-dried food for three- course gourmet dinners and the hard ground sheet for a luxurious bed, this is nowadays perfectly possible. Hike day trips with only minimal packing and stay overnight in one of the many hotels at the ski resorts. You won’t even have to walk very far in the hope of reaching these special places. A growing number of ski lifts in Jämtlands Härjedalen are now open in the summer to make your uphill hike easier or to help you downhill at the end of the day.

Photo: sandralee.se
"Hiking - Frostviksfjällen"

marker icon Renfjällsrundan, Edsåsdalen

Edsåsdalen, Southern Åre

Renfjällsrundan, Edsåsdalen

marker icon Platåleden, Ottsjö

Ottsjö, Southern Åre

Platåleden, Ottsjö

marker icon Fäbodrundturen, Ottsjö

Ottsjö, Southern Åre

Fäbodrundturen, Ottsjö

marker icon Björnbacksturen, Vålådalen

Vålådalen, Southern Åre

Björnbacksturen, Vålådalen

marker icon Blanktjärnsrundan, Vålådalen

Vålådalen, Southern Åre

Blanktjärnsrundan, Vålådalen

marker icon Välliste runt, Trillevallen

Trillevallen, Southern Åre

Välliste runt, Trillevallen

marker icon Norra Ridvadsrundan, Ottsjö

Ottsjö, Southern Åre

Norra Ridvadsrundan, Ottsjö

marker icon Södra Ridvadsrundan, Vålådalen

Vålådalen, Southern Åre

Södra Ridvadsrundan, Vålådalen

marker icon Nulltjärnsrundan, Vålådalen

Vålådalen, Southern Åre

Nulltjärnsrundan, Vålådalen

marker icon Vällistetoppen tur & retur, Trillevallen

Trillevallen, Southern Åre

Vällistetoppen tur & retur, Trillevallen

marker icon Byvandringen, Ottsjö

Ottsjö, Southern Åre

Byvandringen, Ottsjö

marker icon Hållvallsrundan, Ottsjö

Ottsjö, Southern Åre

Hållvallsrundan, Ottsjö

marker icon Ottfjällstoppen, Vålådalen

Vålådalen, Southern Åre

Ottfjällstoppen, Vålådalen
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